Position: Full-Stack Developer

  • Short term contract with the possibility of extension
  • Full-time

About Us

Limbic Media/Consulting is an exciting and energetic company that is out to change the world. We specialize in real-time interactive multimedia control technologies, along with cutting edge real-time data acquisition systems, analytics, and web development. Based in Victoria BC Canada, Limbic was the 2014 VIATeC Member of the year, as well as finalist for the Team of the Year award in the same year and the Technical Excellence award in 2016.

We have a friendly, supportive, and casual culture, and we value diversity. We strive to produce excellent multidisciplinary work. Innovation and authenticity are our core values; we maintain a firm belief in work/life balance; and we develop our company sustainably and responsibly. We have internalized the Agile principles and practices: our technical team is self-organizing and has a healthy relationship with our management.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits.

About You

You are enthusiastic about web technologies. You know that to create great scalable web applications you need a powerful framework to support it. You can work in front-end, back-end, or dev-ops tasks, and though you probably specialize in only one of these areas (which is okay—we are not looking for an expert in everything). You see the advantages and disadvantages in tools and techniques in the full stack, and are comfortable learning new approaches in these rapidly-evolving domains.

You are a team player. You write code you are proud of, but you do not need to own your code. You are humble. You know that teamwork creates higher quality outcomes that are faster, more efficient, thoughtful, and effective. You understand the individual benefits of teamwork including mutual support and a greater sense of accomplishment.

You believe in Kaizen, or continuous improvement, not only for the code you write and refactor but as a professional. You need to be constantly learning and growing to be happy. You have a life out of work.

About the Position

We are looking for someone with experience creating robust and reliable web applications as part of our consulting team. We have a variety of consulting projects, and the position will be tailored to your skills, but we expect it to involve front-end Javascript work (with either AngularJS or React), back-end work (Node or Python), with some dev-ops (Docker, Ansible) and database (MongoDB, PostgreSQL) tasks.

This position requires you to be legally and physically able to work in Victoria BC, Canada.


  • Full-stack development of web applications
  • Managing large scale high bandwidth data in an efficient manner on the front end
  • Real-time visualization of data gathered
  • UX/UI design and responding to client and customer feedback
  • Unit testing and code review

Skills and Technologies

If you are comfortable developing web applications and you feel like we may be a good fit for you, we encourage you to reach out to us. However, the following items are important for this position, and we expect you to be skilled in a number of them:

  • AngularJS or React
  • Node.js, Express.js
  • Python
  • MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL
  • UX/UI Design
  • Docker, Ansible, AWS
  • Linux
  • Automated testing
  • An open mind and able to thrive in a real R&D development

Education and Experience

We foster continuous learning at Limbic, and we expect your skills will improve through your work with us, but for this position we do require you to be able to be productive with a fairly short ramp-up period. We are looking for the following indicators of experience:

  • A previous web development position
  • References that can speak to your web development experience
  • A portfolio we can look at, or pointers to some of your work publicly available
  • Your GitHub or StackOverflow user page
  • A degree in Computer Science or Engineering

Apply by Email

Email your resume and cover letter to Make sure to include pointers to your previous experience, let us know why do you think you would be a good fit for our company, and tell us about your interests beyond web development.

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