Limbic Consulting is a different kind of consulting company.

We’ve learned from years of experience that the way you develop a product is absolutely critical to its success.

At Limbic Consulting we use agile and lean startup techniques to deliver value in the form of a working product every two weeks.

We design and build products the right way by helping you define your minimum viable product (MVP) from the outset. Our iterative and agile development methods will allow you to test your market hypothesis as quickly and cost effectively as possible to guarantee you are building the product your customers want.

Try before you <git> commit.

Engage with us for a two-week, reduced-rate trial period and experience our innovative product design and development processes first hand.

Engineering Expertise

Cloud Computing

System architecture and design, deployment, continuous integration, monitoring, stress testing, devops automation, cost optimization

Full Stack Web Development

Front-end user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), real-time data monitoring, web and mobile apps, map-intensive features, API integration and creation, data processing and ETL pipelines, microservices, automated testing

Computer Vision

Structure from motion, 3D mesh deforming, image registration/alignment, multi-camera marker tracking, object/gesture recognition

Analytics/Machine Learning

Data mining, feature engineering, neural-network-based classification, self-organizing map-based clustering, Bayesian analysis, music information retrieval, genetic programming

Digital Signal Processing

Adaptive model-based filtering techniques, optimization, audio signal processing, filter design, adaptive noise cancellation, advanced frequency-based analysis

Internet of Things

IoT rapid hardware prototyping, embedded Linux systems, sensor integration, cloud connectivity and scaling, RFID, M2M networking (GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet), GPS

Custom Hardware and Firmware

Project planning, schematic creation, schematic review, PCB layout, fabrication and testing, assembly, enclosure prototyping, Standards and Certification, multi-layered board design, embedded Linux
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